Till Eternity by Artist Shukri Khan



“Till Eternity”, an original acrylic painting on 24”x48” stretched canvas by artist Shukri Khan. This floral artwork uses abstract style and realism both in one piece. Among other flowers, red roses and jasmine adorn it. It is a mixed media work. This artwork is painted on a stretched canvas. Hence it can be hung as is with the attached hanging hardware. If framing is desired, please inquire about the framing options. I can ship you the painting, framed in frame of your choice; done right at Shukri Khan Art Studio. Details available upon inquiry.

Till Eternity stands for the continuation of eternal bonds between connected souls. Working on this painting, my heart was filled with delight, fragrance and delicate feeling of a flower filled garden. When your heart follows the canvas’s lead, the results always satisfying and memorable. I am happy with how this artwork turned out.  When initially I began working on this canvas I had a different concept in mind. But as I continued it slowly lead me in this direction. Embedded in the layers is some poetic work. Which add to the magic created by this beautiful art work.