Crimson Glow- Rose Oil Painting



Crimson Glow is an original oil painting by Artist Shukri Khan. These red roses are painted on a small 8″x 8″ stretched canvas which makes it perfect for gift giving for the art lover in your life. Makes for a beautiful display on a wall, a bookshelf or any other spot you can think of. Take a look at again. Can you smell the roses?

Title: Crimson Glow

Size: 8″x 8″

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Roses are my favorite subject to paint. Each painting I create is unique in its own way. This one does too.  And they speak to me in a different way. Often when I begin painting inside the studio, I do not need a reference in front of me. So I begin with an empty mind and things begin appearing on the canvas. I keep refining them to look more like what I’ve in mind. That’s what happened with this canvas as well.