Meet The Artist

I am Shukri Khan, a self taught artist based in Baltimore MD, USA. I first started drawing painting as a teen. But returned to it many years later after having done raising my lovely kids. 

All the in between years I used my creativity in many different ways. But still, always dreamt of painting. My artist story goes something like this. One day I got myself some oil paints and a canvas and started painting a local water view I loved. That was about 4 years ago. I was fortunate to get my family’s support, which keeps me going. By now I’ve exhibited locally and sold close to 100 artworks and worked on several commissions. My work is in private collections internationally.

Plienair at lake Kittamakundi Columbia

Growing up in Pakistan, I really enjoyed the morning walks with my grand father. Still my best memories. Perhaps it were these morning walks with my grandfather on the bridge in my hometown Rabwah and later Rose Garden in Islamabad, Pakistan, which helped me learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in surrounding nature.

Painting opened the door to endless possibilities for me. It brings me joy and the ability to communicate to the world my thoughts and feelings. I’ve tried to express myself using different styles and mediums. So far the styles explored include realism, impressionism and abstracts using oils, acrylics and sometimes watercolors. I use abstract art to express profoundly personal and sacred emotions along with my unique experiences in life using acrylics. If I try to summarize my experience I would say my paintings, possibly, are songs written in praise, to The Creator of this universe. Or may be I am asking my fellow beings to join in on an ethereal journey to become one with God and with humanity transcending any divides, surpassing any elements of hate.