Shukri Khan Art Inspired by nature

Hello, I am Shukri Khan,
a Fine Artist

Perhaps it were the morning walks with my grand father on the bridge in my hometown which helped me learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in the surrounding nature. It is this beauty I try to convey through my paintings. 

My Works

Roses, Oil On Canvas
Rose Garden

A Little About Me

My paintings, possibly, are songs written in praise, to The Creator of this universe. Or may be I am asking my fellow beings to join in on an ethereal journey to become one with God and with humanity transcending any divides, surpassing any elements of hate.

Client Photo
JayEtta Hecker Client

We are truly delighted with the superb commissioned work Shukri completed for us. She was highly responsive to a very particular request for a piece evocative of our own grandmothers’ kitchens and our memorable time watching, listening, and learning. We highly recommend working with Shukri if you have a desire for a very special and particular painting for your home. Thank you Shukri!

Client Photo
Meredith Gould Client

I've long had a thing for #pears, so when I saw this painting by @shukrikhanart posted on Instagram, I had to buy it. Experience enhanced by us being #artistsoninstagram, Twitter friends, and passionate advocates for #interfaith collaboration and community.

Client Photo
Hinna Upal Client

I have three paintings in my home and they are absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend your work and am so happy with the time you took to understand what I was looking for with the abstract painting in particular. Thank you! I can't wait to have you work on a new project for me.

Client Photo
Rauf Amir Client

Her paintings are so rich in color and texture. So much depth in every detail and use of material. Feelings and emotions of the artist are displayed so wisely in such a subtle way.

Client Photo
Anne Fidler

I have a large landscape painting made by this talented artist, it hangs proudly on our mantle piece and is the talk of any visitor! Great addition to our wonderful home. Couldn't be happier!

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